Cash Networks

Mobile cash networks are electronic repayment systems that allow users to deposit, withdraw and copy cash and e-money through all their mobile phones. LOGISTIK has gained traction in the world’s producing economies and is also viewed as a promising alternative to traditional bank products, particularly in rural locations where banking services are often limited.

Money Network cards

An individual can use a money network card to access his pay out, based on your money that is included with his credit card by his employer. The card can be used with respect to ATM withdrawals and charge card transactions, and it can also provide to write a pre-authorized verify.

The money which has been deposited on the money network credit card typically does not expire. It is a convenient way for an employee to view his income, and it can become reloaded with additional money if preferred.

Money systems can also be a fantastic navigate to this web-site program to access taxes refunds. They may be reloaded with funds coming from a duty refund, plus they can then be used to withdraw the money at an ATM or to write a pre-authorized check.

Using a money network may be free, yet there are service fees associated with specified transactions. A Money Network cardholder should read his employer’s payment schedule just before employing his money network cards to avoid any needless fees.

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