This person We Slept with is Giving Me Sexual Texts. What Can I Do?

Reader matter:

we found this person recently, we went on a night out together, and it also moved perfectly. We after that decided to take it one step further that night. But was him who initiated it. After intercourse, he was nevertheless remarkably interested.

Parallels he’s got also been giving me personally really demeaning, sexual messages, and it’s really perplexing and significantly offending. It’s like throughout the one-hand, he is interested in me as one. Yet on the other side, he’s a sexual deviant.

Precisely what do you imagine he wants, and exactly what can I do relating to this? Please help!

-Aubrey P. (Ca)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s response:

Here’s the good news: The dual requirement is perhaps all but erased and ladies might have intimate freedom. But here’s the bad news: Only ladies have dumped the dual criterion.

Sorry to tell you that most men placed women in one of two groups — ladies they would like to get married and ladies they would like to F—K.

On a first time, most men are unsure which group to put a woman in, however union becomes sexual quickly, they take your cue. I’m very sorry to inform you, you should have a heck of a period of time turning this booty call into a relationship.

You’re sole wish is always to maybe not react to intimate messages previously. If the guy calls, explain that you find terrible with sex from the first date and you also’d like to take a step back, become pals, and watch in which it goes after that.

He may scram then. Therefore learned an important class. I’m very sorry, sweetie.

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