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This app was created to provide a safe and native mobile experience for the customers of famous Portugal based bank, Credito Agricola. Predominantly hand holding genetic scientists to come up with multiple copies of DNA in a short time span, this research and development (R&D) mobile app teams with PCR Essentials App. It doesn’t necessarily mean that by using just one programming language your development time and expenses will automatically cut in half. You will still need to spend time adjusting an app for each operating system, especially when it comes to UI and platform-specific features.

Which apps use Xamarin

The tooling they’ve built allows them to create unique projects for each brand using similar logic. OLO is a food discovery and online ordering mobile application, powered by Xamarin. It helps users find restaurants based on user ratings, cuisines, or time taken to deliver. Each restaurant’s menu contains recommended items to try, images of food they serve, and options to customize a meal. Insightly is a web-based CRM application available in 200+ countries designed to support project management needs in businesses of all sizes. Insightly helps to manage customer interactions, leads, and share information across sales staffs.


The biggest challenge for the AltexSoft team was a simultaneous release for the App Store and the Google Play market. The demand for mobile app development continues to rise in the last few years. Companies have to speed up their software development process to keep up with the rising demand. Software development platforms help developers build applications faster and with fewer errors. In its 7 plus years of existence, it has grown to 1.6 million developers across 120 countries and was acquired by Microsoft to become part of its Visual Studio environment. This makes Xamarin the technology of choice for 15,000 companies in such fields as energy, transport, media, healthcare, and many more.

Which apps use Xamarin

Olo has created a custom-brand platform for over 150 restaurant brands that brings in seamless food ordering, pickup, and delivery to over 30 million users. The team after experimentation with other development platform switched to Xamarin for rapid time-to -market and engaging customer experience. Being a very versatile mobile app cross-platform development tool, Xamarin excels in almost all use cases needed by developers. Below we showcase some of the top mobile apps using Xamarin in different categories.

Top Xamarin Mobile Apps

Below the platform-specific UI code, is the shared C# code that calls the common codebase. You can build native applications for Android Wear and Apple Watch as well. The Xamarin component store lets you add more functionality to your apps by downloading simple plugins. You can easily integrate your application with most of the popular backends like Microsoft Azure, Parse and etc. And also, plugins to add billing support and other features are available as well.

Which apps use Xamarin

After the whole process, you can rate and review the person who helped you with easy tax services. Users can share their confidential information via Taxfyle as its systems are highly encrypted and secure. The app helps you calculate an upfront cost and assess the taxes, above all connect with the best tax professional to engage without any complications. This app is a complete air travel partner that lets you solve all your dilemma regarding the flight information right from booking the tickets, check-in, select a seat, change a seat, order your favourite food etc. Cincinnati is a nonprofit academic medical center dedicated to children.

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It is one of the distinguished pediatric center for kids with top-quality treatment procedures and pieces of equipment. CBP continues to interdict the flow of illicit narcotics and dangerous drugs across the border. CBP leads the federal government’s efforts to stop dangerous drugs like fentanyl and its precursors and analogs from entering the country. And most American adults “consume alcohol at least once in their lifetime,” and an average of more than 140,000 die from the effects of alcohol every year, the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics said. As of 2021, “nearly 2 in 5 young adults 18 to 25 used illicit drugs … 1 in 3 young adults 18 to 25 used marijuana,” according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

For all those who are inquisitive to know about all such popular Xamarin apps that have been and will make their strong presence felt in 2021, here they are. You name the domain and you have Xamarin apps that comes up with advantages and functionalities. Be in the field of healthcare, manufacturing, gaming, technology or hospitality, the list of multi-domain functionalities of Xamarin apps is endless and so are their capabilities. Vanderlande is a global market leader in airport luggage and sorting systems based in the Netherlands. The company’s systems handle 8.8 million luggage items every day and sort 300 packages per second. Due to manual or even missing records of the items, the company often had to deal with lost items, which not only resulted in high costs but also disrupted the entire process.

Single Technological Stack

Xamarin enables the building of modern and performant cross-platform applications with near-native performance. Thus, it is no wonder to witness why there are many great success stories of the framework. One of the leading cross-platform development frameworks backed by Microsoft, Xamarin is leveraged by many companies across industries to build their mainstream applications. Powered by Xamarin, this business-centric mobile app which is compatible with iOS and Android  devices shares pertinent information to its users.

Which apps use Xamarin

He loves to try out new Windows-based software and gadgets and is currently learning JAVA. Creating a System Restore Point first before installing a new software is always recommended, he feels. You can use the original native methods to build the UI or you can use Xamarin.Forms. There is almost 100% code sharing if you decide to choose Forms over Native UI Technology. With the recent technological advancements in the Mobile sphere these days, we can use a phone to do almost anything.

Customizing the appearance of your app

Head over to to download Visual Studio, already configured with Xamarin tools. Aside from that, these developers and other experts are continuously training to be up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques. Hence, our experienced and professional developers, programmers, testers, and other specialists are top of their fields. Luckily, another option available for you is to hire offshore software developers. All of our Xamarin developers have undergone a rigorous recruitment and onboarding process.

Many companies using Xamarin admit that it didn’t spare them from learning how to use the iOS and Android platform APIs. Still, replicating code and adapting samples is not the same as learning two more programming environments. Furthermore, the thousands of Xamarin developers reside on Xamarin Forums, a platform for sharing tips and exchanging opinions, where most of the questions can be answered and explained. Thermo Fisher Scientific presents an amazing example of integrating life science with IoT.

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